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This page displays the medals presented to our generous donors and patrons.
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Our Patrons

There seems to be nothing to display here at the moment.


All the medals displayed over the years 2015-2018 were irrecoverably lost along with our previous WordPress hosting service.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Aaron, Alex, Alexander, Bernackas, Big D Supporter, Brian, Chia, Connie, Dart Feld, Denis, DrDankEngine, Dylan, Edward, Eric, Fabio, Fausto, first last, Flash anime, Frederick, Haoran, Hayden, Hieu, Jaime, James, Jeffrey, Jessica, John, Jonathan, Jorge, Luis, Maximiliano, Michael, Native Faith, Parker, Pat, Rami, Red, Réda, Ricardo, Rodrigo, Senmark Studio, Shougei, Taufik, Thoma, Thomas, Tommy, Trinh, Tyler, Tyson, Vincent, Wu, Yusri, Ze, as well as Anons for all of your donations and support.