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This page displays the medals presented to our amazing donors and patrons.
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How to Donate

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Our Active Patrons

2020 Donations

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2015-2018 Donations

We would like to send our greatest thanks to those who have kindly given us their donations and support:

Aaron Dylan Jaime Parker Thomas
Alex Edward James Pat Tommy
Alexander Eric Jeffrey Rami Trinh
Bernackas Fabio Jessica Red Tyler
Big D Supporter Fausto John Réda Tyson
Brian first last Jonathan Ricardo Vincent
Chia Flash anime Jorge Rodrigo Wu
Connie Frederick Luis Senmark Studio Yusri
Dart Feld Haoran Maximiliano Shougei Ze
Denis Hayden Michael Taufik
DrDankEngine Hieu Native Faith Thoma

Anonymous Donations

And to the Anonymous, thank you very much for the donations and your kind support.