[#140] Raisekamika Chapter 13

I’ve finally returned from a long, long business trip… ヽ(‶・ω・)ノ

Raisekamika Chapter 13 | — Project Page —

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[#131-132] New Translation, and a Sad Announcement

It’s been over a year since I last touched on the Baito de Aku no Soshiki translation project. And today, I have finally decided to drop the project. There are several reasons that lead to this decision, like the translation difficulty, the manga being more attractive… but the biggest factors would be that I have lost motivation for the project.

Although, another reason actually is because I have also picked a new project to translateヽ(‶・ω・)ノ

Titled Warm Place, it’s a Yuri Romance web novel written by Korota, published at syosetu. You can read the synopsis below:

That girl departed from this world when she was still young. About one year after her death, she was reborn as a different person with her memories intact. She lived her second life in a different city, with a different family, a different body, and with a new name. She had been leading an uneventful life, until one day, she had to move out of town due to her mother’s work circumstances. That is, to the nostalgic town where [the girl before she was reborn] had once lived. She returned to the town where she had lost everything, and she encountered a young lady whose face resembled that of her special one.

Translation progress is 2 out of 41 chapters completed… please have a read if you are interested.

Warm Place Chapter 1 | — Project Page —

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[#124-130] A SEPTUPLE Release!!

Starting from the not-really-an-NSFW section, and also the final chapter of the series.
Courtesy of Chacha-Ninja, InsaneWeTrust, Hank88, DemonHunter987, MeiShuShaYeXiang, JS Xeno, GameSquid, and Mato Kabane.

Giant Warrior Nagi Chapter 9 (End) | – Project Page –

And continuing to the slightly-NSFW section.

Raisekamika Chapter 12 | — Project Page —

And finally, here comes to the why-isn’t-this-a-hentai-NSFW section. This one volume which contains 4 + 1 chapters in total, hence a septuple release.
Courtesy of Anon.

Maken-Ki! Volume 20 (From Chapter 100) | – Project Page –

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