[#224] Warm Place Extra 5

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Presenting the fifth extra of Warm Place, and also the first half of [The Young Girl’s Feelings Towards Her].

Warm Place Extra 5 | — Project Page —

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[#196-198] Halloween Release!

Today, we are having a triple release!

One chapter of Raisekamika…

Raisekamika Chapter 18 | — Project Page —

One chapter of Warm Place…

Warm Place Chapter 29 | — Project Page —

And finally, a oneshot manga!

“We are the beautiful Sexy☆Socks! The ones who eradicate evils and preserve hope!!” To protect the city from the attacking ‘monsters’, five girls come to the rescue! Sexy Blue (Nanako) is being protected by Sexy Red (Kanata) as they face powerful monsters. However, for the first time, they encounter a monster which takes a humanoid form…

Although, please note that the oneshot is tagged tragedy and NSFW.
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Sexy☆Socks Oneshot | — Project Page —

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