A Boy-Meets-Girl story between Ookuni Raise, a high school boy who was left to fend for himself by both his parents, and the transfer student girl, Mikami Kamika. Due to an unfortunate incident, Raise ended up rubbing Kamika’s breast, which in turn led to her suspicion of his being a molester. Starting from their worst encounter, the tale unfolds as they were flown into a mystical world.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

Author Segawa Hajime
Artist Segawa Hajime
Serialization Shonen Ace
Scanlator Aoitenshi
Status Ongoing
Download Raisekamika – @MEGA

Volume 2

Raisekamika Volume 2 Cover (temp)Contents:

Volume 1

Raisekamika Volume 1 CoverContents:

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