Maken-Ki! Chapter 99

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4 thoughts on “Maken-Ki! Chapter 99

  1. What that end I barely can wait to read the next volume, anyway really thanks a lot.
    Now about the extra, it was some kind of reference for ImaReal???


      1. His hentai tank about a Idol fallen in disgrace and basically the classic NTR by this author with corruption up to the point where she prefers to be with the NTRer instead of his boyfriend/childhood friend, everything begins with vanilla hentai chapter of she and his boyfriend doing it so when everything turned NTR I remember to read a bunch of upset comments about it, also there is one chapter that somehow works a prequel with the the sempai Idol of the main heroine and her own story of fallen in disgrace; at the end “ImaRia” is the name of the group formed by the two “slut” idols of the story and a third one idol previously corrupted too with the last pages being them in some of event things as the “boobshake” event but so much more lewd.


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