Maken-Ki! Chapter 94

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6 thoughts on “Maken-Ki! Chapter 94

  1. Ok, then this guy is aiming to betray Yamato Takeru and take everything for himself, right? I can’t wait to see that, meanwhile poor Aki, I really hope something good is awating for her when everything is done (she should be made endgame or something like that).

    Now all those extras have been absolutely wonderful, I really, really want to see a spin-off just dedicated to that world of “delusions” of the extras, even better if it comes with some H scenes.

    Well, thanks a lot for all these chapters, I guess is time again to wait, now for the 19 volume, I wonder how many months will be this time(???)


  2. Now, Takeru and Akaya along with fellow Tenbi and Venus team have to find the way to bail Aki sensei out of this misery – being tentacle rapes to impregnate and deliver 8 weapons before being killed is beyond any description.


  3. I stopped at ch 56 reading 2 years ago. Just checking today how far the manga was. And OMG they raping her, what the heck happend. I feel sick seeing her like that. Are there more chapters after 94? I hope she gets rescued. W


    1. Better wait until Vol. 19 has been released in September 2017 – Let’s see how they are going to rescue Aki sensei since the big bad has violates Aki sensei to “impregnate & delivery” all 8 weapons – really the darkest hour indeed … esp we do know that our protagonist needs a heeling power from Aki Sensei to sustain his his own power after using Blood Pointer …


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