Maken-Ki! Chapter 89

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One thought on “Maken-Ki! Chapter 89

  1. Oyama was exerting himself so much and not even like this he was able to do really nothing, now I feel that Takeda-sensei will need to do some really big asspull in order to match their forces, I hope not but who knows (>﹏<)
    I feel really bad and depressed for Koushi-san, I wonder if Takeda sensei will bring him back in some way, I really hope so \(★ω★)/
    And now I feel even worst for Chacha she is so cute but was hurted really bad, now I hate even more Yamato Takeru (‡▼益▼)
    I also wonder if Usai-kun will survive? He has become a lot more likeable with the last few volumes (ノ*゚▽゚*)
    And finally, please no Aki-sensei, no, I barely can wait to read the few chapters, I think that the way in which Aki will de-brainwashed will be through some kind of “emotional” bond with Usui(?) and Oyama(?), I wonder if anyone else could have a better sentimental bond with Aki-sensei??? well however at least she need to be a maiden in order to make work the ritual so she is in a way safe at least for a while (o-_-o)
    Well really thank you very much for your work in this 5 chapters, wonderful work (❤ω❤)
    PD: Thank you very much for the Extras of this volume too, Espada and Aki are so freaking hot and this time was not even a dream (*♡∀♡)


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