[R18][#203] Akatsuki, the Watermelon, and Admiral’s Whereabouts (Kantai Collection dj) — Commissioned

Akatsuki, the Watermelon, and Admiral's Whereabouts Cover (Censored)

Manga Doujinshi C#77
Akatsuki, the Watermelon, and Admiral’s Whereabouts
by: Ptaghoula (Ptag)

Courtesy of: Chacha-Ninja
Tags: Kantai Collection, Miniguy,
R18, Scat, Vore

Status: Released (Read | MEGA⬈)

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P.S. We also had a commission release prior to this, which is a small portion of Takeda Hiromitsu’s Enty Rewards, featuring Nijou Aki from Maken-Ki! series. The commission could not be uploaded to our website because it was in its incomplete state.

On the other hand, the commissioner (who decided to be keep anonymous) wants us to share it with everyone. Hence, we have inserted an external link on the other Commission page. Please check it out if you are interested.