2017 – 2018 Yearly Digest (Anniversary)

It’s been another year, and also a happy birthday to Aoitenshi Manga Scanlation. Hello again to the yearly digest from myself, who has recently resigned from my job. For better or worse, perhaps I will now be able to spend more time in scanlation and games ヽ(‶・ω・)ノ

Based on our statistics in Mangaupdates, our release frequency has improved from 7.2 days to about every 1.5 days. Wow, Onideka must have influenced this number a lot. Also, we have a total of 158 releases for three years now, which also mean that we have posted 35 release for the last year (「• ω •)「

Now, genres! Comedy and Supernatural are both still my favorites, with Romance and Action catching up next. From the tags, we spot that there are 4 series tagged with Strong Female Lead. Although, since it is measured out of 19 series in total, so maybe it is not such a significant number after all 乁( • ω •乁)

And below is the whole list of series from the past year ~ヾ(・ω・)

Colossal Boob M@ster: Cinderella Stage 2 (Commissioned)

This is a continuation to the previous commissioned doujinshi from Chacha-Ninja last year.

Giant Warrior Nagi (Commissioned)

A complete series, sponsored by Chacha-Ninja.

In a world where traditional warfare has been replaced by proxy battles fought by extremely powerful, and extremely LARGE, individual representatives chosen from each country, one rookie warrior faces her introduction to the international stage.

Lady Ayane Is A Sanova B**chi

The pun-filled comedy series had reached its end in 2 volumes. The books can be purchased in prints and also in digital.

Magical Girl Transform: Fancy Cherry?! (Commissioned)

It is a short story about a magical girl, but with a slight twist. Commissioned by Chacha-Ninja.

Maken-Ki! (Commissioned)

We worked on two new commissioned volumes from Anon last year. So there is now a total of seven commissioned volumes of Maken-Ki!.

Onideka (Commissioned)

I focused on completing the commission as fast as I could because I needed to travel to my parents’ home, which resulted in the frantic release. Nevertheless, I would like to thank Chacha-Ninja and his friends for the commission.


The story has progressed a bit, which now involves Greek Mythology. But I should stop here lest it will become spoilers.

Warm Place

A web novel featuring Yuri Romance. Synopsis below:

That girl departed from this world when she was still young. About one year after her death, she was reborn as a different person with her memories intact. She lived her second life in a different city, with a different family, a different body, and with a new name. She had been leading an uneventful life, until one day, she had to move out of town due to her mother’s work circumstances. That is, to the nostalgic town where [the girl before she was reborn] had once lived. She returned to the town where she had lost everything, and she encountered a young lady whose face resembled that of her special one.

Detached Chapters

There were two commissions from Chacha-Ninja for specific chapters: Minori Scandal Chapter 2 and Hell Teacher Nube Neo Chapter 85. They both feature giant girls and have been tagged with NSFW. You can find the links to the chapters on our Commissioned page.

That’s it for our yearly digest. I hope to see you again next year. ┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)ノ Ciao~


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