[#124-130] A SEPTUPLE Release!!

Starting from the not-really-an-NSFW section, and also the final chapter of the series.
Courtesy of Chacha-Ninja, InsaneWeTrust, Hank88, DemonHunter987, MeiShuShaYeXiang, JS Xeno, GameSquid, and Mato Kabane.

Giant Warrior Nagi Chapter 9 (End) | – Project Page –

And continuing to the slightly-NSFW section.

Raisekamika Chapter 12 | — Project Page —

And finally, here comes to the why-isn’t-this-a-hentai-NSFW section. This one volume which contains 4 + 1 chapters in total, hence a septuple release.
Courtesy of Anon.

Maken-Ki! Volume 20 (From Chapter 100) | – Project Page –

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