2015 – 2016 Yearly Digest

Hello there, welcome to Aoitenshi’s first yearly digest ~ヾ(・ω・)

According to my Scanlator Info on Mangaupdates, I have a 3.8 day release frequency (I kinda doubt this), 65 number of releases, and is still active during the past 6 months (「• ω •)「

There are a whole lots of genres and categories, but I tend to read/scanlate those that are Comedy (9 out of 11) and Supernatural (8 out of 11). The categories seem to be well-spread though 乁( • ω •乁)

Also according to MU, I have managed a total of 11 series (sorted by how they appeared on MU):

1. Baito Saki wa “Aku no Soshiki”?!

A total of 27 chapters, which span over 6 months and 21 days to finish together with errorcache and rtwpsom2. Im still tagging it on hiatus, but sadly, even the web novel continuation was gone the last time I checked Everystar. I should have read it when it was still available… (ノω・、)

By the way, after Plot Twist no Fansub scanlates a few chapters of the manga into Spanish, Baito Saki wa “Aku no Soshiki”?! reaches the highest rated series in Batoto.

Page link

2. Hajimete no Maou Toubatsu

Or called ‘The First Demon Lord Subjugation’ in English. This oneshot has a kinda average review (-ω-) zzZ

Page link

3. Mousou Megane

I kinda liked the first chapter, as well as the tenth chapter. But with the disappearance of Nihongasuki at chapter 9, the series was dropped before we could ever reach that part. Eight chapters were completed over exactly 7 months.

Batoto link (new tab)

4. Phoenix no Ongaeshi

A parody of Crane’s Return of a Favor, but the heroine in this oneshot is a phoenix instead. I loved the composition between the two main characters.

Page link

5. Shuukan Shounen Girl

My current ongoing scanlation project that I (usually) update every Wednesday. It’s been 49 days since I started from girl.11 up to the extra.4 for a total of ten separate chapters.

Page link

6. Suki x Suki

A joint project with Aase. I’m looking forward to 4 days later ヽ(‶・ω・)ノ

Category link (new tab)

7. The Flustered Shabby Santa Claus

A Christmas Special for Year 2015.

Page link

8. Tokyo ESP

It has been one year, three months, twenty days since volume 10 chapter 41, and we are now at volume 16 chapter 74 of my favorite manga. The Japanese chapter is published on every 23rd. I often ask Shougei to help me for this series.

Page link

9. Tokyo ESP Gaiden – London ESP (Novel)

Looking back, my progress on this novel is pretty slow. Three chapters + prologue were translated over a span of over 8 months.

Page link

10. Tokyo ESP x Ga-rei – Shadow Walker

In an interval of 3 months and 11 days, this series was completed with Shougei’s assist.

Page link

11. Witch Craft Works

A chance meeting with rtwpsom2 at Ciel Scan’s IRC led me to finish a half-translated chapter.

Batoto link (new tab)

Well then, I should start working on Weekly Shounen Girl or we will miss a chapter next chapter. See you later ┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)ノ


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